06-06-10 02:20 PM
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  1. EnergyPlus's Avatar
    You guys are being just a bit overboard with Zwizer. Perhaps you overlooked that she claims to have already had the phone replaced 3 times, so obviously, significant effort in resolving her problem, has already been made.

    That being said, I've never understood how people can have continued problems with multiple devices. I've owned two Storm 1s, both performed relatively flawless (with the known exceptions that eventually were resolved with OS updates). With one exception, when one of the Storm 1s died the day before it's first anniversary (though VZW repalced it, when I went to wipe it to return, I discovered the wipe fixed the problem, lol). I now have a Storm 2, works like a champ.

    Zwizer, I had plenty of apps on my S1. I typically ran with about 15 MB of free memory, as I recall. Yes, there were memory leaks and I usually had to do a battery pull every two days, but I would not say the S1 "ruined my feelings about BB." My S2 is a sweetheart, works just fine with one exception and that's the current OS's treatment of bluetooth volume. Yet, when I read the Android and iPhone forums, I see equal, if not more, complaints about those devices, too. You say "I hardly have any apps" Remember, you might only have ONE app installed, but if it conflicts with the OS, then you'll have problems.
    06-05-10 07:52 PM
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    Anyone have this problem, whenever Im BBMing or using the internet browser or texting or using an app or on the phone or basically even CHECKING THE TIME, it shuts off, drains ALL my battery (even if I have FULL battery) and I have to go recharge it, turn on all connections before using it again..anyone ever experience this?

    I hate this phone with such a passion...I purposely abuse it now..I throw it around, I squeeze the screen as hard as I can hoping it breaks, anything to get all this anger out. This is EASILY the WORST POS product I have ever bought in my entire life..this POS refuses to upgrade its OS (the same error msg pops up everytime I try installing the new OS), I stupidly bought this within a month of its release and it was the worst mistake ever. Im a year and a half in and patiently waiting for the Bold to come out so I could break this thing.

    Sorry guys just wanted to get that rant out, but would like to know if anyone had this problem with the phone shutting off and draining all its battery before?

    sounds like your battery is worn out. happened to mine. it would show that it was full. but i would use the phone for about 10 minutes and it would reboot and whatnot, like you said yours is doing. i would try getting a new battery if i was you.
    06-06-10 02:20 PM
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