1. oifvet1967's Avatar
    Anyone know how to lock the phone so when you're talking you dont mute someone. Everytime I talk, my cheek hits the mute or speaker buttons. Im a moron I know but this is aggravating. Thanks

    12-25-08 07:00 PM
  2. Ajujuwa's Avatar
    There is a program called loctalk or maybe it's locktalk. Search around for it a bit. It locks the phone during a call, but has a thing on the screen that you can slide to unlock it during the call. It's a beta edition. I have it on my phone and it's been working pretty well. Totally worth it for me because my cheeks kept pressing buttons!
    12-25-08 07:03 PM
  3. httrdd's Avatar


    Link will not work but if you go to 3rd party app and on top you will see OTA apps you can find it there.
    12-25-08 07:03 PM
  4. kushari's Avatar
    TalkLock(BETA) For BlackBerry Storm! | CrackBerry.com
    i wonder how rim didnt think of that though, really beats me!
    12-25-08 07:04 PM
  5. oifvet1967's Avatar
    Thanks guys....my woman is about to effin kill me cuz I keep muting her ***!..HAHA! Merry effin Christmas!
    12-25-08 07:07 PM
  6. oifvet1967's Avatar
    Update....down loaded it and works great. You guys Effin rock!
    12-25-08 07:14 PM
  7. KoH's Avatar
    Yeah! Woo effin hoo!
    12-25-08 07:21 PM
  8. valentino1801's Avatar
    i downloaded application i see it when during a call it comes up
    but when checking voice mail, i have to unlock, does it lock back up automatically?

    where would i see the icon for it, i know it only in application memory
    also, can i use it to lock the storm screen completely so that i dont press anything by mistake while in my pocket?
    03-02-09 05:32 AM