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    I just left my local store for the second time in four days. On Friday the local tech told me that sensitivity setting was wrong and that's why my screen didn't click uniformly. She made sure to tell me that I was still in my thirty days and could switch to different phone, not a new Storm but a different brand or type! Today I'm still not happy about the lack of even click, so like a fool I went back. The tech today said that is the way it's supposed to be. He then takes me to their demo models to demonstrate that they are the same way! These are same two phones that have been since Nov 21, one of them still doesn't turn on. He then proceeds to inform me once again that I'm still in my thirty days and can get a refund or a different type of phone. Not once did either tech suggest exchanging my Storm for a new one. Do they just not know their policy, or would they rather I go back to a dumbphone so they don't have to deal with me. Mind you I was not a b u t t but very polite and thanked them for their time. On the way home I called tech support and the young man was very helpful and did inform me that I could exchange my Storm for another one since I was still within my thirty days. He called another local store to check if they had one in stock which they didn't, but he did note my account that I would be there Thursday to do an exchange and to hold one for me! I'm not technically challenged, I built all the computers in our house, and this is my second smartphone. Why is it that the techs on the phone are more helpful than the ones in the local store. I would guess that the local techs don't lose anything by exchanging a phone but they sure act like they do!

    Thanks for letting me complain!!
    01-05-09 02:56 PM
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    Techs in the store are simply trying to make and keep a sale. Techs on the phone have no stake in selling you anything.

    It sucks, but it's true.
    01-05-09 03:51 PM
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    I've never bought anything from a tech. The sales people on the floor have always sold products to me. The funny thing is the tech on the phone is having me pick up a replacement at another local store/
    01-05-09 05:07 PM
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    I've never bought anything from a tech. The sales people on the floor have always sold products to me. The funny thing is the tech on the phone is having me pick up a replacement at another local store/
    Obvious difference is the store Techs get to see and touch your phone. If it "works" then they will do what they can to NOT give you a new one.

    I went through this at a store once and vowed never to go back. I brought my Storm in re: the screen click problem and showed them the phone with the cardboard fix (they didn't know it was in there). I asked what they thought of the screen and they said "it's great. thats how its supposed to work. What's the problem?" So I took the cardboard out and then asked them to try the screen. Its virtually non-responsive in the corners. The rep says "feels the same to me".....we went back and forth for a while until I just asked for a replacement. to which he replied "Your phone works fine. We can't replace it."

    Its crazy....I called *611 and the whole thing took 15 mins. I had a new one in two days. Just told them the screen was unresponsive and that was that.
    01-05-09 07:49 PM
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    at times i honestly think that they do not have the time to properly educate all of their techs on the new phones that are coming out.... there have been several instances where i felt like I should be educating the tech on what needed to be done to my phone--at which point i promptly left and referred to the forums
    01-05-09 08:25 PM
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    I mentioned it before in another post, but...

    Saturday I was in the store to have my phone looked at by a tech (as directed by VZW phone support) and after waiting 45 min. The guy who looked at it didn't even touch it, just LOOKED AT IT and blew me off saying it was "an insurance issue." According to the phone rep after I called back and told them the name of the guy who looked at it, he wasn't even a tech- he was the Floor Manager.

    So, basically I made that special trip to the only VZW store in town with a "Tech On Site" for nothing.

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    01-06-09 01:16 AM
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    Verizon has ordered a replacement Storm for me (lower left screen click issue). They gave me no problems for requesting a replacement. In fact, I just showed them that is was a little difficult to press the lower left hand corner; they never asked me to let them hold it or for me to do a hard reset!
    01-06-09 02:45 PM