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    I have a little problem with my video camera and was wondering if someone knows how to fix it. Whenever, I record something and try to play it a screen pops up saying "Unexpected error. The video cannot be saved." I'll hit okay on the screen. Then, I'll hit play again, and another screen comes up saying "The media being played is of an unsupported format.: I did a battery pull and it still does it. Dose anyone have any idea what could be causing this or how to fix it? Thanks in advanced.
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    02-24-09 09:42 PM
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    I was having the same problem so I called Verizon and they told me to do a battery pull and hold one of the four buttons down for 10 seconds. So that's what I did and it worked for me hope this helps.

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    02-24-09 10:15 PM
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    Thanks for the info, I'll give Verizon a call tomorrow and see what they say. Hopefully they can help me fix it.
    02-24-09 10:29 PM
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    I also had this same problem, try to record a short video and then stop after about ten sec, then jsut exit out, dont save. then go bak to ure videos and scroll all the way down and play the last video and it should be there. the key is not saving the file you just recorded, its weird but it works for me.
    02-24-09 10:32 PM