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    I'm a noob to blackberries in general and I'm ticked out how my my .75 locks up so I'm doing the .103/.106 hybrid. First I want to thank all of you for your info! It has been great to read this information all lumped into a few forums instead of looking at random sites. I have a decent knowledge of computers and phones as well. Back in the day I hacked some vzw v710's and changed the registry stuff to allow for the lock vzw put on the MP3 downloading to b removed. I know how those moto phones (especially my v551) were very finicky to say the least and I don't know whether these phones are as sensitive so I'm taking my time to learn the ropes.

    Here's my problem...
    Keep in mind I'm using the sticky as a step by step tutorial (would post link, but it won't let me)

    I'm on step 12 where it says select the OS to load, but I don't get an OS... I get a huge list of things, but none are the OS that I've D/l'd . Any info is appreciated as to what I might look for specifically in the list to update.

    Thanks in avance!
    02-19-09 12:39 AM
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    Not to sound like an *** but did you install that OS?
    02-19-09 12:41 AM
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    yea I installed it lol... I can understand why you would ask that though. I figured it out I was disconnecting from the net too early in the process. I also restarted the PC and I have the screen up now. I'm about to disconnect and hit update. Thanks for your help. BTW, thanks for your site too brett!
    02-19-09 12:47 AM
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    btw before I go, I just noticed that the brettwyman.com link on your blackberryos.com site is actually missing the W (brettyman.com). just wanted to let you know about the broken link. can't wait to see a finished product on your design
    02-19-09 12:49 AM
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    success on the first part. Scared me though after the same screen stayed up for about 10 minutes
    02-19-09 01:19 AM
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    i got the hybrid working, but it is still a bit slow. I saw everyone saying it was FAST and that's what got my hopes up. So far I've bugged out twice. (once was while typng a bb message to a friend and the other(actually twice) was after I pulled the battery. It came up to the sreen that says my memory card was being read and would stay there. then when I hit the back button it took me to a vzw screen. It happened twice and then I hooked up to the pc to reboot and it worked for whatever reason. It did make me go through the setup again though. any thoughts on why this might be happening?
    02-19-09 12:21 PM