02-25-09 02:24 PM
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  1. oifvet1967's Avatar
    I wouldn't say that, but I think for the most part they just use forums like this to gauge the overall sentiment of the BB user community. If there's unrest, they might see if there are any common themes as to people's gripes, and kick that along the line.
    I hope you're right brother because I like to think our issues are being heard.
    02-25-09 02:18 PM
  2. xdling's Avatar
    Ha.. maybe they're listening..maybe they're not. Either way it doesn't hurt to post concerns about your BB in a BB forum. I agree about the battery pulls. I don't know what the issue is but I've never had to pull the battery on any other phone. I'm also having trouble with video playback - the video freezes..or just stops and I have to turn off all connections if I want to watch anything as anything incoming will cause the screen to freeze as well.
    and YouTube is worthless.
    02-25-09 02:20 PM
  3. moosc's Avatar
    Who says some this and then some haven't been fixed. We running leak os wr shouldn't have we all should be on 75. I don't seem them having a on off for the click. U don't like os or leaks or click get a iphone.

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    02-25-09 02:24 PM
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