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    I got a Storm a couple of weeks ago. It's my first BB after being a Windows Mobile user for a number of years. So far, it's been a positive switch with the exception of three things.

    1 - I'm looking for a good list manager package. I used ListPro from Ilium on WinMo. Basically I want to create simple check-lists that can be used for a variety of purposes like to do lists, shopping lists, project ideas, etc. Desktop sync is not really needed.

    2 - An automated profile manager that can set the sound profile based on time of day, charging status and, most importantly, calendar entries. I just know I'm going to forget to put it on vibrate when I go into a meeting. I've seen one app that can do it if you set something specific in each appointment but I want something more generic that does it automatically for all calendar appts.

    3 - A decent alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. The biggest criteria here is it needs to be loud and reliable.

    Much thanks in advance.
    02-07-09 11:33 AM
  2. itpeligo's Avatar
    For the shopping list try Maratick also try Ascendo

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    02-07-09 12:17 PM
  3. Lylej2k's Avatar
    I too came from WinMo and I liked that I had 3 different alarm clocks on my 6800 but I've found the Storms alarm clock to work just fine. Wakes me up and that's what I need it to do.
    02-07-09 12:32 PM
  4. MetsFan_VI's Avatar
    Thanks. I'll give those a look.
    02-07-09 03:11 PM