05-19-09 11:55 AM
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  1. RCCollins's Avatar
    Bottom line: The Storm is jank.

    Maybe the "Storm 2" will solve some of the problems, it would also be a good idea if they ditched the Storm name, to try and distance themselves from this disaster.
    05-19-09 11:02 AM
  2. Zipster's Avatar
    Ok, so the clown comes in here opening with "let's have a SERIOUS discussion" and then proceeds to rant...
    Doesn't sound like OP knows how to use the phone very well. didn't have to read past this gem:

    "the keyboard is not calibrated correctly. often ill type something and its pressing another key "

    User error FTW!!!!!! Just because you can't accurately type doesn't mean the device is somehow "not calibrated" practice and learn how to type. Maybe phones aren't for you. Stick to carrier pigeons. Old school.

    Worst rant ever. Buy an iphone and move on
    *Ignoring the cut and paste comment of the user above me*

    In landscape keyboard mode, you have to keep your thumbs to their respective side of the board to type accurately. Maybe he was trying to cross over?
    05-19-09 11:08 AM
  3. fecurtis's Avatar
    I have two storms in my house and anyone that says their storm works perfectly is one of the following:
    A. Not using the phone at all
    B. In denial
    C. Heavily sedated or self medicating
    As I said, I have 2 that were bought 3 weeks ago and both are running .85. They both have the same problems, which means everyone has the same problems unless you donít have any apps running on your phone.

    If you donít use the phone much then the problems arenít that great. If you do use the phone as a business tool and you have a busy day, the phone is a ******* joke with itís present OS. I would like to meet the monkeys that test the OSís before releaseÖ IdiotsÖ.
    While I'm not a fanboy of anything as simple as a phone, your amazing test makes me lol. Please never consider a career in statistics.
    05-19-09 11:27 AM
  4. kinfokes's Avatar
    If your a technical guy, which most of us are here, create a hybird os. There have been many operating systems leaked and what I did is take what I thought were the best components from several of them and creat the os I wanted. Do that and purchase Stop Tilt which is sold here on Crackberry and you will be happy
    05-19-09 11:40 AM
  5. Quold's Avatar
    Wow! People sure get hot over this issue.

    my $0.02:

    Back in December there was a promise from Verizon that 2 firmware updates were to be released. The first was .75, which came out right away. However, since then there has been no official update. I would like to remind people that this is the reason that so many Storm users may be bitter about this phone. There was an expectation that Verizon would release a second update very soon, as they admitted that there were severe problems with the phone. Many probably purchased the phone trusting that Verizon would be true to its word and quickly release the second update to make the phone all that was advertised.
    However, this has not happened. There have been many rumors - but no update.

    The Storm is a good phone - it does almost everything that I need it to do. I had a long list of various features that I need and wanted in a phone. At the time (and as of this posting) it is still the only phone that meets all of my demands. A short list of what I desired: A touchscreen (ever since my first touchscreen phone - the Voyager - I have been unwilling to settle for a traditional screen phone. The touchscreen makes the device so much easier to figure out); the ability to send unlimited SMS / emails at one time (I am a communications hub for a few organizations - this feature is a must have and makes my life much easier and keeps everyone in the loop); internet access; instant access to my email; a calendar that is easy to manage and appears on the home screen (this was something that I initially overlooked, but themes have taken care of that); copy-paste function (its amazing the number of phones that don't have this); reliable; not an AT&T phone (back in 2000 or 2001, cingular had a superbowl commercial that had a savant painter featured. They never mentioned his name, and had to use subtittles to make him understood. He talked about how his paintings were his was of expressing and communicating. This was followed by a simply message to use cingular. Cingular is now AT&T. Because of this blatant taking advantage of a person such as him, I will never use that company).
    This phone works well in all of these capacities. However, the lag on the phone, the memory leak problem, the fact that I find that I need to regularly check a website day after day to see if any new improvements have been released (beta software), and numerous other small issues (such as having a phone that randomly reset a few times when I really needed it not to - which is not something I have ever experienced prior to this one), has led me to begin looking elsewhere.
    I am looking at the Palm Pre at this point, and if the keyboard is usable, and it meets all of my needs, I will probably switch when it is released. I have been a longtime customer of Verizon, but I feel that they are taking me for granted at this point. I am a customer, not an employee. As such, they should work for me - make sure that my needs are met. When I say that the lag on the phone (in any way), is making it difficult to do my job, they should take action and fix this issue - not keep telling me that there is an update on the way, that it should be released in the next few weeks, and then six months later say "we don't know when it will get released. There may be a long wait." This is not customer service.
    Again, however, I am stuck, as there is no better alternative. If the Palm Pre does not meet all my needs, then I will be sticking with this phone. However, it has left a bad taste in my mouth for both Verizon and RIM.

    How about that for a serious discussion?
    05-19-09 11:55 AM
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