1. iLive an iLife's Avatar
    So I bought my Storm 2 about a week ago and today, when I click the screen, the left side sort of makes a really quiet sizzling sound.

    I don't have any problems type when the screen is powered on. The only semi-issue I've had is when the screen is locked and I try waking it with the escape key. That key is sometimes locked and doesn't click down.

    I really like my Storm 2 and don't want to have any problems with it. I don't know if this is a legit issue or if I am just scared something will happen to my precious BlackBerry.

    04-23-10 09:27 PM
  2. 1812dave's Avatar
    If I were you, I'd return it. I had a Storm2 late last year that had a wonky left lower corner--periodically the piezo gizmo would go loose and made for a very odd touch in that area--like the glass was loose. after some time, it would tighten up again for a a while. it did that numerous times per day. I ended up taking it back for exchange. Due to other problems I experienced with my S2 and my wife's, we returned them for refund.

    This year, I decided to give the S2 another try and I'm glad I did. Despite the first one I got this year having a "buzzy" ear piece, I've had good luck with my current S2 which replaced the several-week-old S2 that had just the one defect--the bad sounding ear piece. Knock on wood, my S2 works great.
    04-23-10 09:39 PM
  3. iLive an iLife's Avatar
    Ok, I don't want to be a hypochondriac but I'm afraid that the screen will get wonky and I'll be stuck with it (granted, I have insurance but I would prefer to stay away from a refurb, er, "Certified Like New Replacement" if possible...

    Other thoughts?
    04-23-10 09:46 PM
  4. 1812dave's Avatar
    I already suggested that you return it. I don't understand why you just wrote,"I'm afraid that the screen will get wonky..." Exchange it. It's not going to heal itself.
    04-23-10 09:50 PM
  5. venomgirl's Avatar
    Take it back you didn't pay for sizzle
    04-23-10 10:01 PM
  6. RHChan84's Avatar
    What OS does it have. 607 is the latest but I know a few people that bought the s2 after the release of 607 and they had the issue. Upgrading to the latest OS from vzw should fix ot. I had that issue as well with 320 and using a different OS and it was fixed.

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    04-23-10 10:04 PM
  7. socalstorm's Avatar
    The really sad thing about our collective experiences with the Storm 1 and 2, we tend to question ourselves whether we have a real issue or imagining one.
    04-23-10 10:13 PM
  8. iLive an iLife's Avatar
    I'm running .607. I'm going to exchange it tomorrow. I just don't want them to hassle be about it. I had a friend who bought the Droid and he had a fault battery. It took 3 trips to the store before they would even check him in to tech support so someone could look at it. They kept saying it was normal and sending him on his way.
    04-23-10 10:24 PM
  9. greydarrah's Avatar
    Take it in to a store and let them look at it. Sounds like it's a little screwed up.
    04-23-10 11:17 PM