1. Keydet71's Avatar
    The LED on my Storm is no longer blinking red when I have a new message. It also does not blink blue when connected to something via Bluetooth. The only time it comes on at all is after pulling the battery and when it is charging.

    I've checked the settings multiple times and all have the LED turned on. I even turned on the LED coverage notification - the blinking green light - and still nothing. I've looked everywhere for a solution and have nothing.

    Please pass along any suggestions. Thanks.
    02-26-09 07:29 PM
  2. Unibomber's Avatar
    you have bedside mode on? clock...
    02-26-09 07:50 PM
  3. Keydet71's Avatar
    Yea. Thanks a lot. Problem solved. I can't believe I missed that.
    02-26-09 08:16 PM