02-13-09 08:08 PM
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    Other than rapid memory loss and somewhat slow typing response, I haven't found any bugs yet with .103. So far it's fast
    huh whut............?
    02-13-09 06:11 PM
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    cereal killer is back!


    telling someone to "go get an iphone" is a worthless comment because they are verizon customers and the iphone is not available to verizon, period.

    most people here are in contracts with verizon, verizon is the only one that works in their area, or they just choose their carrier. and the bottom line is, the iphone is not an option for verizon customers.

    i for one, have choosen verizon and have been with them since before they were verizon. i want many of the features of the iphone, but i am not going to go get an iphone. i am going to ask for those features to be brought to the phone i own.

    there is nothing wrong with a customer asking for a product to be improved to suit their needs.

    i doubt rim wants us to "go get an iphone"
    02-13-09 06:34 PM
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    Wow this is the first time in about a week or so Ive seen some heated emotion in the forums.....and welcome back Ck

    Back to topic. The leaks have made a drastic improvement, and I have been completely satisfied since day one. That said, when you see commercials that have small print saying "simulated screen" the advertising sets a completely incorrect expectation. Your bad VZ.....those higher levels of expectations is what has caused these types of threads. I think the Storm would have been perfectly fine without all of the media blitz, and with only 25% of the complaining.
    02-13-09 08:08 PM
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