1. berniemacman's Avatar
    I have a broken lcd screen, the yellow flex cable says "LCD-16693-001" and a white sticker on the back says "e 2008470035819 014" I tried using a brand new 014 lcd screen, and it just had a black screen. Where do I get a 16693-001 LCD screen from?
    06-01-10 11:31 AM
  2. valorian's Avatar
    Have you tried e-bay? I know I've read posts by people getting replacement's there. I'm not sure if it's the part number you are looking for though.
    06-01-10 11:55 AM
  3. berniemacman's Avatar
    I bought the new Screen from eBay, when installed the screen is black(lit black when I press touch screen), but I can't see anything on the screen.
    06-01-10 02:15 PM