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    Storm 9530 - When going into browser mode, screen opens in landscape mode and will not flip to portrait. All other applications seem to work fine, flips from landscape to portrait and back. It worked fine until I let someone play with it and now its stuck in landscape. I've tried resetting defaults, no help. Any ideas?
    02-08-09 08:30 PM
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    You may need to wait for 15 seconds or so. Sometimes it takes a while to flip especially if you are low on memory.

    Did you try doing a battery pull or SOFTREST if you have that App?

    How much memory does OPTIOSN MEMORY show? If it is less than 22 MB like 15 or so it may be just short on memory and slow to make the transition.

    Have you closed all the other apps? hold down BB button a long time and it will bring up a horizonal menu of what is running. THen click on each one and do MENU CLOSE to get it closed and off the list.

    It should only show Browser, Phone, HOME,Mail and maybe the Manager if you ever ran it.
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    02-08-09 09:19 PM
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    The battery pull resolved the problem. Thxs
    02-09-09 07:33 PM
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    02-09-09 07:40 PM