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    My buddy from work recently did an OTA update on her Storm2 to the newest VZW OS (I'm not sure what it is, I'm with Sprint using a Tour), but something messed up during the upgrade, and all she gets now is a JVM505 Error with a lovely white screen. Has anyone seen this before or know a way to solve for it?

    She went to the VZW store and they just said they were going to give her a new phone (which is pretty cool), but it really didn't answer the question of how it happened or a way to solve it.

    05-01-10 07:42 AM
  2. Chrisy's Avatar
    i haven't personally had that error nor have i read anything about it. Here is a list of error codes though to get your research started. Hopefully someone who has had that error will turn up to shed more light.

    http://forums.crackberry.com/f52/jvm...-codes-233058/ and http://forums.crackberry.com/f3/appl...s-list-211519/

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    05-01-10 07:46 AM
  3. Bud3269's Avatar
    It sounds like the upgrade didn't finish installing. I personally do not do OTA upgrades for that reason. If you loose the signal during download, it give you the white screen and JAVA error. I usually install the upgrade on my PC and use apploader. I got the 507 error once whem I used DM to upgrade and disconnected my phone when I thought the upgrade was complete, it wasn't.
    05-01-10 07:57 AM