1. gman23's Avatar
    sorry couldnt get it to attach
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    06-16-10 07:29 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    pics or it didn't happen. Lets see a screencap of your about screen.

    EDIT: That should get you on the front page.
    06-16-10 08:02 AM
  3. gman23's Avatar
    sorry couldnt get the pics to attch will keep trying
    but.. its not all os6 files just a hybrid.
    06-16-10 08:14 AM
  4. bassplaya51's Avatar
    there is a hybrid out that has 20 OS6 files on it that are absolutely worthless... he's serious, but you might as well have have those 20 files from .320, it don't matter
    06-16-10 09:19 AM
  5. gman23's Avatar
    how do you know their worthless do you make hybrids ? ive never seen them
    06-16-10 09:42 AM
  6. verziehenone's Avatar
    Ninja Interface eh?

    Hm. So ... while I am tempted to make jokes about it being invisible or something, does that mean it is the new 'name' of the browser UI? Ninja?

    Also, does it have any noticable impact on your Browser? Look / feel / speed / etc?
    06-16-10 10:45 AM