02-09-09 02:27 PM
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  1. rugbyjulia's Avatar
    Make sure you read the stickied thread with detailed instructions on how to download and install a leaked OS.

    Follow them TO THE LETTER, and if at any point you are unsure, don't continue. No use in bricking your phone trying to make it awesome. Check here for any questions you have, and make the forums search function your new best friend!
    02-09-09 02:23 PM
  2. rugbyjulia's Avatar
    Ahh, Jason beat me to it. There you go, though.
    02-09-09 02:24 PM
  3. lostmarine's Avatar
    Newbie question doesn't installing this beta OS void the warranty? Will they ever be able to tell if you install and then downgrade later? Also are there any know problems with the .99 OS. Thanks!

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    02-09-09 02:27 PM
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