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    Clearly there is work to be done. It looks good but there needs to be more integration with the BB OS. You have to close out Today in order to do anything else. The contacts app is clever in the way you select the letter but after that it is completely useless, for instance, I have several K's and I select 'K' so the first one (alphabetically) shows but there is no way to scroll through any of the other "K's" - I guess it is meant to be used with a directional pad and needs to be changed.

    It would be nice if opening one of the apps would go directly to the corresponding app in BB. That goes for tasks, calendar...all of them.

    It allows for plugins like news, weather, stocks, but I don't have any of those.

    Coming from Windows Mobile to the Storm, the Today screen is what I have missed the most (along with WM's more integrated phone dialing). I believe that this will be a very nice app. It's just not there yet.
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    01-01-09 11:36 PM
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    what version are you using? plug-ins and contact scrolling are working fine for me.
    01-02-09 08:09 AM
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    Downloaded from Handango last night OTA. The website says I got 1.2, I have no idea how to check the software version on the phone.

    I didn't realize that you had to buy their plug-ins so I've edited that part of my review.

    How do you scroll your contacts??
    01-02-09 08:43 AM
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    I too just tried that last night. The Today Screen is just about the only thing I miss from my WinMo days. I see where they are trying to go with e-Mobile but also feel it falls a little short. It didn't seem as intuitive and actually slowed me down a bit, rather than streamlining my flow of information. Hopefully they will enhance it a bit, and then I'm all in.
    01-02-09 10:16 AM