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    I must admit that this has definitely been an interesting journey with the Storm. It's much different than my recent purchase of the Pearl about a year ago. I must say it is mostly exciting....as tips/trick/suggestions and most depressing, critiques of this device. The first few days were love/hate. I'd love the phone and features one minute, then get frustrated with some glitch of just my lack of knowledge of truly using this thing to the fullest.

    Definitely look forward to more info, a possible update and the many programs, cases, ideas, etc. coming out way.

    It's kinda cool be able to get in on this from the ground floor and watch everyone's comments and suggestions.

    Must say that I hate the negative thoughts. Occasionally I let it get to me and start wondering if I should take this thing back. Then I look at the screen and think about what I was looking at with the Pearl and any other berry. The only question would be the Bold....but since I'm a loyal VZW customer..I guess thats a moot point!!

    Looking forward to the journey fellow crack heads!! Keep the comments coming!
    11-24-08 07:22 PM