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    I have completed my install of 607 and I am pleased to report that my 5 Jonathan Fisher Launchers on my S2 custom home screen work just fine ! In the attached screen shot, these are Y! Mail, Y! Spam, AW Radar, NASA, and Google. One click and you are there ! (Of course for NASA, you might want to go fix a cup of coffee while it loads.) All of my third party apps are also good.

    Thank you, RIM. Thank you Verizon. This is a big deal for me.

    The attached thumbnail shows my Custom Home Screen which I call "Black Glass II" after the commercial artist Zain Malik's "Black Glass". His haunting theme appeared in the early days of Storm I and remains for me the best, even though it is not complete and fully uniform. My lamest Fisher Launcher is that for NASA, http://www.NASA.gov; Google is nice in that a KYBD magically appears...; it is very one-click handy. My theme has 30 visible buttons and 4 invisible ones. Garmin is shown in focus.

    OK, under Advanced Options/Browser, setting BOTH Default browser configuration and Default MDS browser configuration
    to Internet Browser may keep everyone happy. When I turn my Wi-Fi connection OFF and leave my Mobile Network ON, is workie. When I turn my Wi-Fi connection ON and my Mobile Network OFF, is workie. When I turn them both ON, is workie.
    When I turn all connections OFF, is no workie. I am happy.

    Doctor Neutron
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    what theme are you using?
    04-06-10 06:00 PM
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    Where did you get the NASA and Google ones? Link please?
    04-06-10 06:34 PM