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    I dunno if this was asked before, for that i apologize. anyway so i just got a fresh new storm 2 and i'm freakin lovin it by the way guys/girls. i just received email from my aunt in japan and it reads perfectly fine, but now i cant reply because it seems there is no japanese input for the storm 2, is this true? or is there a way to get japanese "input" keyboard or something on my little stormy 2? any help will be greatly appreciated. only reason i had an iphone for awhile is because of that. screw the 50,000 maps! oops i mean apps. lol
    11-07-09 10:48 PM
  2. racinwarrior's Avatar
    plug your storm into desktop manager. click on application loader. you should see the japanses languages with a open white checkbox. click the box to put a check on it and then click next at the bottom. it should install the languages
    11-07-09 11:23 PM
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    S2 doesn't have Asian inputs. It does have support but no input.

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    11-08-09 12:20 AM
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    I'm waiting for Korean input myself.

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    11-08-09 12:21 AM
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    This is a bit of a dead thread, but I wanted to tell you that Japanese on the Storm2 9550 works fine. I've got Verizon and through them ( There are three options for updating Blackberry software (Curve2,Storm2, Tour, & Bold) ), I can download a multi-language installer that will install chinese, japanese, korean, and hebrew among the asian languages. It's a few restarts for me and some fiddling, and I did drop the application memory to 93mb free before trying it, but these asian languages work fine... with the exception of hebrew. You do have to have the newest os of which people have complained about, but the os problems disappear when you have a lot of free application memory. (256mb, 2mb, memory card ~ a lot of the 256 free and it works great.)
    08-26-10 10:23 AM