1. maxwjackson's Avatar
    Ive been trying to sync my phone with itunes since i got it but i had an ipod so it wasnt a big deal, now my ipods dead and i have no music, well i have it on the storm but its not organized at all, i want my playlists n stuff from itunes.

    i run DM and it tells me to open with admin privliges, right click on icon run as admin. then it tells me its going to install the software for it, i get to 32 which is the end of the download bar and DM has encountered an error and needs to close. every time ive tried it for the past 6 months thats whats happened, no matter what i do thats what happens.

    05-14-09 06:32 PM
  2. holtztwins's Avatar
    I was never able to get it to sync just like my IPOD with playlists and such. I just plugged my storm into my laptop and moved whatever music I wanted over to the SD card, for the files that had DRM protection I use tune clone to remove the DRM. hope this helps. I didnt think we could sync the storm like we did our IPODS, if so that would be cool, good luck
    05-14-09 07:56 PM
  3. DoctorNeutron's Avatar
    Read the threads on CB. If you have Windows Vista, you may need to be a real administrator, not a user running with SOME administrator privileges. Works great. You cannot as yet get stuff you did not pay for.

    Doctor Neutron
    05-14-09 11:00 PM
  4. maxwjackson's Avatar
    I am the administrator, its my laptop.

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    05-15-09 06:22 AM
  5. csbrown147's Avatar
    Yeah i am having the same issues. I should be an Admin but let me verify and try again.
    05-16-09 05:21 PM
  6. csbrown147's Avatar
    All i get is please run Blackberry Desktop Manager with admin privileges.

    Dont know what that means?
    05-16-09 05:32 PM