1. aem815's Avatar
    so if i'm going to download a song from itunes to my storm...do i just transfer it with the USB to music and then choose it as a ringtone?

    is it going to be too big and take up a lot of space?

    and does it just ring as the first 30 secs (or however long it takes to answer) of the song?

    12-19-08 01:14 PM
  2. fecurtis's Avatar
    That depends...did you buy the song FROM iTunes? If so then its DRM protected and can't play on your Blackberry...unless you download a free program called DoubleTwist which removes the DRM from songs.

    If you bought it from Amazon (they don't put DRM's on their downloads) then yes its a quick transfer. I typically just use DM and sync it to iTunes and transfer my playlists in general. Select the song you want on your BB from the playlist and select "Set as Ringtone" and you're all set.

    And yes it will just play the first 30 seconds or so of the song. If you want it to play a specific part thats not at the beginning of the song, I just use video editing software to cut the song into the correct portion, save it, put it on iTunes and send it to my phone.
    12-19-08 01:33 PM