1. deeman54's Avatar
    I'm tired of all the talk between iphone's and the blackberry storm, only reason why some prefer the iphone is because its a lil toy to play games on, the blackberry is for business use it handles email, encrypted data way better than the iphone and on top of the the blackberry security is by far the best on the market.

    So if you're stupid and you need a easy phone that doesn't do anything but give you kiddy games get the iphone.

    But if you're brilliant with technology and you wanna test you knowledge get a blackberry. Its more challenging but at the same time more rewarding.

    By the way, ive never in my life seen a ceo, business owner, etc, with a iphone, its for kids, look at vida guerra she had an iphone and some hacked into her phone and stole all her naked pics! Wouldnt of happened if she had a BLACKBERRY!!!!!
    06-01-09 08:06 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    Here ends the first Troll of the day
    06-01-09 08:12 AM