1. danosirra's Avatar
    I'm aware of TalkLock and Stormlock for locking your screen while on a call. But is there a similar app. for locking the phone while it's in your pocket, hopefully with an iPhone-style finger-swipe unlock? I'm forever unlocking my phone by accident while it's in my pocket, despite locking it with the "lock" key on top of the device.


    02-09-09 08:18 AM
  2. levrion's Avatar
    I think this would be a FANTASTIC application to be developed. I haven't run across one yet but would really love this lock style feature too. I like Talk lock, but it just doesn't do what I want it to do like what you're saying.
    02-09-09 08:45 AM
  3. freebirds87's Avatar
    I would love an app that did this!!!
    02-09-09 09:54 AM
  4. rcdeck's Avatar
    I would love to see this app added too!
    02-09-09 10:16 AM
  5. flavio.meazza's Avatar
    Nice idea! Will be fantastic
    02-09-09 10:19 AM
  6. cgdoc519's Avatar
    would love it too!
    02-09-09 10:21 AM
  7. richb0i's Avatar

    02-09-09 12:56 PM
  8. Revolutionary's Avatar
    One better, and already under development: http://forums.crackberry.com/f134/pa...ike-g1-150936/

    However, hung up on a technical limitation right now, which would doubtless effect an iPhone-like app, as well. RTT for more info.
    02-09-09 01:33 PM
  9. rigging65's Avatar
    I've been asking for this since November!! Hopefully soon...?
    02-09-09 07:31 PM