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    Im just tiered just tiered of waiting on BB to Deliver on things promised, i.e(modern browser, elegant os) feels like the night before christmas only when you awake the next morning...no present;a perpetual christmas eve. anyone share my sentiments?
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    02-27-10 09:47 PM
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    Yea....even though a little disappointed you realize your house is pretty decent and you got some nice stuff in it. It could be better, but hey its pretty good already. Thats the way I see it
    02-27-10 10:29 PM
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    I don't know what you mean by "intuitive" OS. The BBOS is great in that regard, given the fact that it's not touch-screen based.

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    02-27-10 11:43 PM
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    what you want more? (for the ''intuitive OS'' I mean, I know the browser could be better...)
    02-28-10 12:01 AM
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    if you are talking about a complete os overhaul then we already had some threads on this topic.
    02-28-10 12:21 AM
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    well the BB OS is as intuitive as it can get. Far better than some of the competition out there.
    02-28-10 08:35 AM
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    The simplicity is what makes the OS very reliable and it just works. Theres always room for improvement.
    02-28-10 12:06 PM
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    No offense guys, but the OS was intuitive and great - 4 years ago.

    Played with a Droid, Palm Pre, and of course the iPhone, and the other OS's blow RIM out of the water.

    RIM is the new Palm - completely lazy to the point of the competition leaving them in the dust. RIM needs to learn from Palm when they did the Web OS. I love BB, but I am sick to death of 40 billion new devices instead of one OS upgrade that has been badly needed for a couple of years now.

    Who cares about the new Curve 89eleventy? The Bold 72? We want a new OS dammit, and a browser that doesn't look like it was created in 1998.

    They had the chance with the Storm and instead of doing the intelligent thing, RIM did what it does best: slap that crappy OS on it with some minor tweaks that STILL left it ill equipped for touch screen.
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    AGreed im hooked on bb functionality, but overhaul is needed. streamline the devices offered and get us an elegant widget enhanced environment. all things previously stated are on the way, but i fear by the time we have them the competition will have moved on to bigger and better things. we are forever a half a step in the past
    02-28-10 01:19 PM
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    Tell me how anything Android blows BB OS out of the water when it comes to intuitiveness?

    first of all, BB OS has updated their OS well with 5.0 OS. And they will do it again with 5.1 and 6.0. Widgets are expected to some along with the new webkit browser. But widgets are at the bottom of my priority list.

    The way I see it. The Android OS has an overpowered scroll that just feels artificial. It lacks the smoothness of the Storm 5.0 OS. The icons are miniscule. It gives you 3 home screens, and a location to find all apps. Nothing earth shattering.

    My S2 gives me a Today screen, then a home screen with all my favorite apps, and then i organize the application and downloads folders as I see fit. The buttons are perfectly sized for me and the scrolling is just so smooth. Hover and click on the surepress keeps me from accidentally starting any applications. Its just intuitive.

    If its about being anxious about the new webkit, join the club. In the meanwhile the OM 5 is holding many of us over just fine.
    02-28-10 02:00 PM
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    The OS is no more intuitive than the OS that the 8700 series had. Sure there were some much needed updates and features added, but at the end of the day, still no more intuitive or innovative. They will disappoint everyone with 6.0 which will be released in 2011 with Apple and Google have taken another step up.
    03-01-10 01:20 PM
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    No offense guys, but the OS was intuitive and great - 4 years ago.

    Played with a Droid, Palm Pre, and of course the iPhone, and the other OS's blow RIM out of the water..
    I have to agree with....
    Tell me how anything Android blows BB OS out of the water when it comes to intuitiveness?
    ...because being INTUITIVE does not mean Innovative. Being intuitive is not about flashy, "great graphics", the best web browser, technical advances, etc.

    Intuitive is about "ease of use." Its about not having to think about where to find things, or how to complete a task.

    Rim's OS might be archaic, dated, bland, boring, be the same as since the xxxx series of years gone by... BUT its more intuitive than Android or Windows Mobile (I can't compare to webos or iphone as I haven't used them much).

    To quote a fellow VCC member...
    Soon after we got the Droid I received a video message via MMS on the Droid and I wanted to forward it to a friend. Naturally I clicked the menu key and there was no forward option. Then somebody on here told me that I needed to "press and hold" on the video icon on the screen and I would get a popup menu. Is it intuitive that the popup menu activated by the "press and hold" function brings up a different menu from the menu key? Also, if you "press and hold" on the video and you're touching the play button at all, then you don't get the popup menu. Instead the video will start to play when you release your finger. So you need to basically "press and hold" on part of the icon without touching the play button. I don't consider this intuitive or user friendly.
    on Blackberry, when you're reading an email, gmail, SMS or MMS, if you want to reply or forward it just press the menu button, and from the pop-up select Forward or Reply.

    Want to reply/forward to Gmail on the Moto Droid or Devour, you have to scroll to the bottom of an email to reply or forward it. You can’t use a menu pop-up for this from either the list of email in the inbox (long hold -> pop-up), or via the menu key. If you're having a "conversation" via email (i.e. keep replying to replies), or if the email is just LONG, there could be a lot of scrolling to do on Android. (NOTE: yes, you could slide the keyboard open and use short cut keys, but these are not documented in the book/info that comes with either the Droid or Devour).

    While the Droid does have a place under the main Settings Menu for "sound & display" and it does allow you to change the default RingTone for phone calls, and the tone for notifications, it doesn't allow you to change the SOUND or notification tone for SMS/MMS messages or new Gmail. For that you have to go into the Message app, then settings (for SMS/MMS), or the Gmail app then settings for Gmail. If you have more than one Gmail account setup, you need to "switch accounts" first, and go into settings for EACH account. That isn't intuitive. And Yes there are apps in market, like Quick Profiles, but they have limits. QP can change volume for ring tone, notifications and alarm, sounds, but doesn't allow you to select which tone is being used for anything but Ringer.

    My Moto V60i (TDMA) had "ring styles" as did my T730, V710, E815, and GSM moto's which did allow you to setup a "Style" and set all those sounds/notifiers, etc from one central location. It makes sense. Its "logical." Its where you'd expect it to be. That is... Intuitive.
    03-01-10 02:45 PM
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    I'll give rim the upper hand for intuitiveness, (9530 excluded) but that's the only benefit it has. Every other single consumer oriented function that a blackberry is capable of the android OS does better, faster and more reliable.

    So do you want an intuitive OS, or do you want to be able to accomplish something? I'd say confusing menus, that you can eventually learn to navigate, is better than reboots, horrible lag, and lengthy reboots.

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    03-01-10 08:08 PM