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    Druglord Wars was voted the Best Game of 2009 by you, and we just made it even better.

    We are proud to introduce Druglord Wars 2, an update focused entirely on customer feedback and requests. Druglord Wars 2 offers a wide range of updates that hit all the areas you asked for, and then some!

    Lets jump straight into what exactly it offers over its extremely popular predecessor, Druglord Wars:

    • Entirely new turn-based fighting system allows you to utilize unique strategies during fights you encounter along your journey
    • A hospital to allow you to recover health, extending your path to greatness
    • Armor to protect you during fights and let you get that last hit in
    • 6 new locations to visit, including international destinations for your worldwide empire
    • Drug values counted towards your high scores to help you top the global high score board, already with over 60,000 scores for you to compete against

    Download Druglord Wars 2 Now!

    (App World update coming soon, pending approval)


    Check out these screenshots which highlight some of the improvements with Druglord Wars 2:

    If you bought Druglord Wars within the last 30 days on MobiHand, we are providing free upgrades. Unfortunately, App World does not allow us to offer this same grace period.
    04-11-10 03:29 PM
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    04-11-10 03:54 PM