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    Hey, I'm a Storm user who has been very happy up to this point and over the past few days the internet on my phone has stopped working completely. I looked at my plan for my Blackberry and there is nothing checked off for Blackberry internet services and now the lowest internet service is $39.99/month. I can't understand how Verizon could go in and change my plan without asking me first and then raise the price of the data plan by another $10 when I found the $30 I payed before to be high enough. Anyone else experience this problem?

    Also, when I go to manage my connections it says that I'm not connected to the Blackberry Internet Service.
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    05-28-09 01:38 PM
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    resend your service books. do a search. No clue what are you ranting about the bill, why not call them?
    05-28-09 01:51 PM
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    Hah, nevermind I got it fixed sorry.
    05-28-09 01:56 PM
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    no biggie...always try to search first. I can almost guarantee any question you have, has been discussed...it will save you the time (of having to wait) and the aggravation (of people who like to flame)
    05-28-09 01:58 PM