03-03-09 02:43 AM
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  1. pre me's Avatar
    Im in Gilbert outdoors with full bars and i got 142 high, 97 avg, and 40 low. The sad part is this is the second highest reading I have gotten. The slow speed of the storm is extremely frustrating. My friends iPhone 3G kills my storm in download speeds. Mine takes a good 5+ minutes to load the full Crackberry homepage. I bought this phone to be able to use the "real" internet but it seems like I could drive home faster than waiting for this thing to load an actual webpage. Bummer.....
    03-02-09 06:36 PM
  2. yourfriendwayned's Avatar
    <Tested on Verizon Only>

    At first I was going to tell everyone that I had the same results for .75 and .109 ... my high/average/and low were all in the 70's ... This was terrible... yet I still was happy with the phone... I saw a mention in this thread about the global setting in the options under network... So I switched mine (dunno why it was selected haha) and put it to 1xev ... hit test connection and that red circle went VROOOM! I instantly smiled like a school boy and looked at a score of 293 for the first try...

    All I can say is do the switch to .109 - Just because its the right thing to do (Way faster OS and quit being a scared ignorant person... risk take, its worth it haha)

    Then do that net setting and watch it do its thang... tested same spot indoors!

    03-03-09 02:43 AM
27 12