1. golfwins's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    I have several blackberry world and storm users that travel internationally. I have noticed that we spend a ton on roaming. Can anyone suggest what sim company you use when traveling to other countries? Also, do any of you just buy one when you arrive in that country and how do you find them? Thanks for your help.
    12-29-08 12:18 PM
  2. pukashellgirl's Avatar
    you can find them at any newsstand overseas. in paris you can find them in a places called "tabac". they are places where people can by stamps and tobacco items. in asia, you can find them everywhere. i am a international flight attendant and use them all of time. there will be several choices...if you need data with your phone look for the ones that have data. they are fairly inexpensive and will be much cheaper than roaming on your phone. also, make sure your blackberry is unlocked! much aloha and good luck!
    12-29-08 12:33 PM
  3. golfwins's Avatar
    Thank you for the info pukashellgirl. Anyone else?
    12-29-08 01:12 PM
  4. money69's Avatar
    I would recommend PrePaidGSM.net. A Very useful site. From your post, Im assuming you're looking for a sim that works in multiple countries, while they have those I haven't really been to crazy about using them. If you travel to the same places on a regular basis you might want to just try getting local sims in the destinations where you are using them.
    12-29-08 02:20 PM