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    So long story short, I bought an unlocked 9350 off of ebay, threw my tmobile card in after loading my provider software, away I went. Everything was working great. I bought the phone for my partner's mother who is in Colombia, using Comcel. I sent it to her, and now it doesn't work. When she tries to call out, she is getting a message saying to call Movistar (another cell provider) but a Comcel card was inserted. Now, unlocked means any GSM network right?? So I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. The only other thought I have is that Blackberry website doesn't have a package for Comcel. I tried downloading software for Comcel from Blackberry but it doesn't have an option, just an update. But why does it matter if it's unlocked?? So I need a little bit of direction. Any takers??
    06-01-09 07:20 PM
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    you need to change the programming screen, the phone still has the info from the previous phone number on it. idk what the code is off of the top of my head, but i'm sure someone will chime in.
    06-01-09 07:56 PM
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    programming screen:

    green send key > ##000000 > send
    06-01-09 08:19 PM
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    now we're talkin double team!!!!

    06-01-09 08:28 PM
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    now we're talkin double team!!!!

    06-01-09 10:30 PM
  6. DriftDevil's Avatar
    06-01-09 10:32 PM