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    Why don't my international characters work when composing sms messages? In every other app, (email, wordpad, etc) hovering over a key gives me the international character. For example, hovering over the letter n gives me the . This does not work in sms. In sms, hovering over the n gives me the same character (n).

    Btw - I searched the forums and came up empty.

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    06-15-09 12:22 PM
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    Ok, found the answer. Here it goes for the benefit of others. It looks like Verizon does not support international/foreign characters for SMS/MMS. This would explain why I can do it in every app other than SMS or MMS. I even tried copying the foreign characters into a SMS and they get converted to conventional characters (pasted into SMS but it converted to n).

    BlackBerry Support Community Forums - Foreign charactors in SMS on 8130? (á é í ú ñ..etc) - BlackBerry 8100 Series Smartphone - BlackBerry Pearl - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
    06-15-09 03:10 PM
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    Is this true for the 8530 as well?
    09-09-10 04:03 AM