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    When i download an application and it goes to my "Downloads" folder, does it save in my internal memory or my 8gb memory card? Another question i have is how do i go about moving things from the internal to my memory card and vise versa? for example: music, pictures, apps, etc. any help would be good. Thanks alot guys/gals
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    11-25-08 06:50 PM
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    The only things you can out on the memory card is media or documents...all apps run on internal memory
    11-25-08 06:52 PM
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    To move your documents, pics, videos, whatever you have to and from the card, you can: 1. take out the micro SD card and do it via your PC. But I'm assuming you mean on your device and this isn't the answer you were looking for right? So - 2. you can go to the media app on the home screen and select the BB menu button. The go to Explore. It comes up as a like windows explorer type format. Select device memory or Media Card, wherever you are moving media from. Then highlight the pic or vid, select the BB menu button to pull up the menu and select move. It will then bring up another smaller menu where you can select up of whatever folder you want to change it to. You will have to select up quite a few times to back out of the device memory to the main page where it shows media card, device memory, and system to then go into the mediacard or visvera. Let me know if this helps. If you need more direction let me know.
    11-25-08 07:05 PM
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    Leave the card in and when you connect to your pc it shows up as a HD like a thumb drive easier make sure mass storage mode is on
    11-25-08 07:16 PM
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    hey thanks alot. so the only thing i cant move are the apps that i download? only music, pics and such?
    11-25-08 07:22 PM
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    Correct sir
    11-25-08 07:27 PM
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    hey thanks alot. so the only thing i cant move are the apps that i download? only music, pics and such?
    Correct. And you can also do what spaciorek posted about plugging in your phone to the USB port, only as long as you have Mass Storage Mode Support "On" under Settings>Options>Memory and also the Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected should say yes. Sorry I forgot to mention that in my last post. Thanks spaciorek. : )
    11-25-08 07:27 PM
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    You can use BB desktop manager to backup your apps I believe.
    11-25-08 07:46 PM
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    thanks again for the help people!
    11-25-08 07:47 PM