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    Well this is an odd error. My mother has the same phone, I ordered her one BOGO as a gift. She is getting the weirdest error. Sometimes an error pops up when using apps that says "Insufficient Wireless Coverage" when there is full signal strength and there is very good EVDO coverage. I know because my phone sitting right next to hers has never given me this error. (Her phone even displays the signal strength as full with EVDO coverage.)

    It sometimes occurs in the browser, but I can repeat almost without fail by going into the application center and clicking the refresh icon to check for the latest updates/apps from vzw. It won't refresh and gives this error.

    She is still running .103, i'll update it to .109 later today and hope that clears up the problem. Just a very odd one that I haven't seen anywhere else.

    Beyond that, the phone is also telling us she has 2 voicemails... When she doesn't have any. Visual voicemail is active, yet checking the voicemail by calling it also yields no messages.
    02-26-09 07:20 AM
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    hey yall, i am a tech support rep for a cell phone company. When you get the insufficient network coverage error, or u see at the top of the phone instead of having an upper case 1XEVDO, its lower case, the phone has a bad data registration. I see this alot.

    1.Easiest way is to pull the battery out the back of the phone while it is turned on, and leave the battery out for a minute or so.

    2.Then, replace the battery, and power the phone back on.

    3.When the phone is powered all the way backup, simply make a call out, whether to your voicemail or what not. As long as the call connects, it will clear the bad data reg.

    That should take care of your problem.

    and as for the vm issues, try to turn the network connections off, leave for for a few seconds, and then turn it back on
    02-26-09 07:38 AM
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    I didn't have the phantom voice mail, but I did have an unread e-mail that I couldn't track. Drove me nuts! Somehow I'd saved it to the Saved Messages folder. Once it was deleted the icon was gone

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    02-26-09 08:37 AM