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    Hey guys, I updated my storm this morning with the .148 os and it was working fine until i downloaded an app and installed it. Now all i get is the 1x. Nothing else. I can't dial out or anything. I've tried a battery pull and activating it. I also tried registering in the host menu. Nothing seems to be working. HELP ME OUT PLEASE!
    05-22-09 03:09 AM
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    whoo! nvm. i got it working. I did the battery pull again and waited for about 5 min and this time it showed up as 1xev. I registered at the host routing menu and waited and it came up again. WHEW!

    The signal only stays on 1X. After a few minutes, it went from 1XEV to just 1X and won't go back. I know i'm in the coverage area because i always have it from where i am.
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    05-22-09 03:16 AM