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    Today I noticed that my send key was coming off and the end key only worked when "pulling" down towards the bottom of the phone when pressing it. I went to my local store that, of course, had no units to replace mine with. They noted in my account that they would swap it out when they got some in. They also suggested I called their PDA support staff at 1-800-922-0204 Option 3. I called the PDA number from the parking lot and got a very helpful person named Julia Glynn. She is sending me a new Storm that I will receive on Monday/Tuesday due to the holiday tomorrow. I would recommend that those of you having issues to call the PDA support line and get a new one two-dayed to you as well.

    She also provided me with something I didn't know and that is during the manufacturer's warranty period of 1 year, they would swap out the phone with a like phone if I had any other issues. Within the 30 day satisfaction period you can swap it out for any phone.

    11-26-08 02:06 PM
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    good info glad you had a good expeirence ! thanks
    11-26-08 02:08 PM