1. sithlrdvad#CB's Avatar
    I have a BB Storm 1, running .328, 5 apps (Facebook Opera Mini, Poynt, Quick Pull and Angelsbaseball.com)

    My last incoming call was yesterday at 3:28pm, since them I noticed that anybody that tries to call me, land line or other carries including Verizon I won't get the call, it rings normally, since i tried to call myself using my wife's phone and then it goes to voicemail, but my phone won't ring and the LED wont light, it's like the call its not even happening. I pull the battery 4 times, once including while i was talking to a Verizon rep...then she had me check my settings, out of the holster, always etc, nothing...so the all mighty answer was to wipe my phone...after I back up my contacts...and STILL i cannot get incoming calls...the verizon rep said she put a trouble ticket and they will look into my line...which it will take them until Tuesday the latest to get back to me...NOW:

    do any of you guys have any idea what happen here? and please any help or comments will be greatly appreciated...
    05-01-10 01:12 AM
  2. sithlrdvad#CB's Avatar
    I should had also mention that everything else works perfectly on the phone...the apps, the emails, the text the internet, incoming and outgoing text and outgoing calls, incoming e-mails, etc...
    05-01-10 01:16 AM
  3. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Go online to manage your Verizon account and go to "Activate Equipment". Put in the IMEI and other info it asks for to activate the phone as if it was new. Then dial *22899 Send from the handset and let it activate successfully. See where that gets you.

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    05-01-10 08:49 AM
  4. sithlrdvad#CB's Avatar
    Thank you Civic, but no luck...still cannot get any incoming calls...this is driving me crazy...I called Verizon again they told me the system does not recognize my incoming calls...they told me they "force the system" to recognized my phone and to do a wipe after...we'll see...
    05-01-10 05:51 PM
  5. Roweazie's Avatar
    Wow that crazy. it could be hardware issue then. If I were you, I would wipe the phone install fresh OS then do a test call.

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    05-01-10 06:07 PM
  6. k1ward's Avatar
    At this point I would put a different phone or Blackberry on the line to see if it is your BB or if this is a Verizon problem. It could be a problem with their switching equipment.
    05-01-10 07:47 PM
  7. sithlrdvad#CB's Avatar
    Well after 1.5 hours in the line with the tech from Verizon...the conclusion is: My hardware...he switch phone lines to one of his "test" phones, he called my number and i hear it ring...then he switch it back to my BB Storm and again the same problem, no incoming calls...anyhow...he is sending a "new/certified" Storm 1 Monday to arrive Tuesday at my job...

    But now this just has me wondering: I have never drop my BB, plus I bought that Otter Box case to protect it...Mmmm...wonder what happen here...
    05-02-10 02:18 AM