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    Sorry, new user...tried searching and saw a similar issue, but no solution.

    I picked up two Storms (buy one get on free!). I configured my IMAP (private webhost) email account without issue, but when I did the same for my wife, the mail does not appear in the folder/inbox that was created for her "[email protected]" but rather the messages folder. I gave up after deleting and re-creating the account on the Storm a few times.

    This could be an issue with the way her email account is configured at the web host, but as mine worked, I would expect the same functionality on hers. There were no errors during configuration. We do use aliases (to help protect from spam as needed) that forward to a mailbox. In my case, the domain is the same, but her forwarding domain and mailbox are different domains. This should not matter as I am popping off the mailbox with the correct credentails and mail is appearing in messages. That is the only difference.

    I do not know how mail is handled on the Blackberry. On my defunct Treo I had an app that pop'd directly off the mail server. Does the Blackberry route through a Blackberry server to get to a domain or pop off the server as entered in email settings? I am not using Enterprise (that will be installed at work in a few hours). These were new out of the box from Verizon.

    Hoping I am missing a setting. Thanks!
    02-13-09 12:50 PM