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    So my phone has been on edge not EDGE for the past three days or so .... VERY FRUSTRATING to only have text and voice and not facebook, googlemaps, bbm, email ubertwitter, iheartradio and web browsing which i use EVERY DAY all day! lol sooo after reading through many threads and forums, I noticed someone saying something about a APN code, that it was set to vzw3g.com or something like that. well i noticed from my mobile network option menu, in tools, then dns lookup it had that vzw3g.com code!! so i went to my options menu, then advanced options, then host routing table .... the one that was highlight or in bold, stated that same code!!! so i looked at the other HTR and all of those either had blackberry.net or a epc.tmobile.com code, so i clicked the menu button with one of those highlighted and hit REGISTER NOW and badda bing! almost instantly all the emails and bbm and fb and twitter alerts started rolling in!!!!


    yaaaaaay, thanks to those with the many contributed ideas!!! those of crackbery that is ;) tmobile nor blackberry was of ANY assistant
    06-24-10 12:06 AM
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    Congrats, that's a nice find. This should definitely help all the tmo people with the same problems.

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    06-24-10 09:45 AM
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    Your fix + there was a problem for the last month with Tmobile and Storm phones. No one is saying exactly what it was, yet, but most of us were affected - look for the thread with 70+ pages in the Storm1 forum.

    Yesterday the glitch was fixed and most of us have our Storms back up and rolling with Tmobile, now. Fixing your apn yesterday got you hooked into the fix.
    06-24-10 12:41 PM
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    mina R, what OS are you running? sounds like great news for you
    06-24-10 09:30 PM