1. chillin2345's Avatar
    Hey Everyone,

    First time to Crackberry. I'm a former Palm Treo owner and finally made the switch to a Blackberry.

    My Storm is about a month and a half old and I dropped it today on the street. Seems like my belt clip didn't latch onto my belt all the way.

    The only visible damage is a scuff mark to the top right corner of the Storm, specifically on the plastic chrome trim. Its a relatively small scuff, but I know the mark will bug me forever. The chrome finish is marred and the black surface beneath the chrome is exposed.

    I was thinking of buying some liquid chrome (Testor brand), like the ones hobby enthusiasts use when painting model cars and airplanes to cover the scuff mark. Is this advisable? If not, what else could I do?

    02-11-09 04:44 AM
  2. Shadow.xXx's Avatar
    If it's just a scratch and you have the right tint of chrome, you'll be fine. But, if you have a dent or a deep scratch, it might not look good.
    02-11-09 04:57 AM