1. Genny21's Avatar
    Hey, I just recently got a blackberry. I'm still learning how to use it and all and so far I like it alot-it's cool, but I have this one problem....I went to the V-Cast music place on my BB and downloaded several songs and after that I wanted to use one as a ring tone so when I went to 'my ring tones' to set it up the songs I downloaded aren't there ??? It says I don't have any ringtones except the sounds that came w/ the BB. The songs that I downloaded are under 'my music' and I've tried going to that and highlighting the song I want as my ringtone and going down to options to try and figure out how to do it-but I can't. So....how do I get my songs to go under 'my ringtones' instead of 'my music' so that I can use them as ringtones!? Thanks if anyone can help me I'd appreciate it sooo much!!

    11-01-09 07:31 PM
  2. Johnly's Avatar
    I wouldn't use V-Cast when you can just use the roxio media manager on you blackberry desktop software and make your own ring tones using Audacity. By doing this, you get to personalize them and avoid crap-cast.
    11-01-09 07:37 PM
  3. Genny21's Avatar
    yeah but I have no idea how to do all that I'm real new to all this on the BB
    11-01-09 07:53 PM
  4. Genny21's Avatar
    What about the VZW tone button on my BB? What's that? Is it ok to use?
    11-01-09 07:54 PM
  5. SirVayza's Avatar
    save yourself the trouble. if you want ringtones and wallpapers for free without all the typical BS, unholy pricing and spyware, etc just go to www (dot) zedge (dot)net

    (www (dot) mzedge (dot) net From your crackberry)

    everything there is free. my phone sounds like Quagmire every time someone sends me a text.

    (forgive the parentheses, since i'm such a noob, the forums won't allow me to post links to other sites.)
    11-07-09 01:20 PM
  6. skwij's Avatar
    When setting ringtones, try the dropdown as usual, but select BROWSE and see if your downloaded ones are there.

    Sometimes this happens to me too even with tones from zedge.
    11-07-09 07:43 PM