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    So last night before i passed out my phone was working fine and i could do everything. Well when i woke up i had like 20 texts and i went to open them and my screen was un responsive. my 4 press buttons worked (call, end call, back and menu). So i did a battery pull along with sim and sd card, when to insert them and got nothing.did it again my screen lights up like its doing nothing then shuts off. did it again i got the hour glass then some white screen with some information on it then nothing. I got it to fully turn on 1 time and it was unresponsive still. Idont know what version mine always said there were no updates so probably most recent. its my work phone and i kinda need and dont want to lose any info on it.
    06-13-10 08:04 AM
  2. yodatom10's Avatar
    The white screen probley had an error code on it. If you can get the code. U can google it. And most likely get a solution. Or u can take it in to your Verizon store. And see what they say. If they can't fix it. maybe they will give u a storm 2 as a replacement. LOL. .

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    06-13-10 09:06 PM