1. piewackete's Avatar
    so i was inlove with my first storm then when i got the storm 2 had a few glitches but pretty much loved it then a few days ago i tried replacing the radio in my car and messed up my wiring so untill i get that fixed i have no radio so i got to thinking i wonder if i can just use pandora to play music when i drive and it works great! now i have music to listen to on my way to work and the phone gets loud enough so i can hear it when driving and the quality is really good too!
    04-15-10 04:00 AM
  2. FuzzyB's Avatar
    I must concur...this is an outstanding device. Enjoy!
    04-15-10 10:12 AM
  3. imapepper2's Avatar
    I agree, I also had the first Storm and liked everything but the low memory. The Storm2 has been great. It does everything I need, is the right size, and on a heavy use day I can change batteries on the run.
    To be honest most of the problems I run into are PEBKAC.
    04-15-10 12:33 PM
  4. stefano1979's Avatar
    Although I cannot agree with you guys on loving the Storm 1 (Mine was a disaster, dead spots all over the screen...etc. worst phone I ever layed my hands on) The storm 2, is, well, amazing! I can get stuff done just as fast as if I was using my Curve or Bold.
    04-15-10 01:10 PM
  5. piewackete's Avatar
    im finally getting to use all the features of the phone now and its awesome being able to send emails to my boss from were ever im at (he has a iphone and i have the storm so i kinda like making fun of him cuz hes the business owner and has a toy for a phone). basically anything i want this thing to do it can do.......well almost everything
    04-16-10 01:54 AM
  6. KMB4's Avatar
    Last week I went and bought an adaptor to plug into the cassette player of my car radio. I couldn't wait and purchase it at Walgreens (a convenience store here in Chicago - Walgreens isn't everywhere) but it would have been cheaper to purchase from Amazon. I'm loaded up on a lot of my favorite songs on my Storm2 and shuffle the playlists all the time. The added bonus is that if a call comes in, the music stops, alerts me to the call, I tap the answer block and have a conversation with whoever it is - me through the speakerphone, them through my car's speakers!! My Storm2 has given my car driving experience new life. Let's not get into Vlingo's safe reader feature...man...

    I didn't get the one that hooks into the cigarette lighter or power plug because I have one of those radio antennas that is integrated with the back window (Toyota Camry). It was my understanding that there is more interference with that type so I opted on this one.

    The sound quality is good. Not as good as a direct CD but close enough
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    04-16-10 04:33 AM
  7. piewackete's Avatar
    i used to do that when i had my S10 cuz i got rid of my cd player when it died then got it running and had to put the stock radio back in. and i loved using the especially because my girlfriend would always change the station or the cd on me so with this i could plug my phone in and keep it with me hahah
    04-16-10 07:04 AM
  8. Robert Calhoun's Avatar
    I use mine to stream music to the radio via bluetooth... This is one of the greatest features! Like you say, when I get a call, music pauses and then resumes when the call is ended...

    I had a Storm 1 and liked it alot despite the occasional problem but i LOVE this thing more every day!
    04-16-10 08:02 AM
  9. kb5zht's Avatar
    WELL.... I was going to upgrade to the S2 but too many people talked me out of it. Lots of rumors of an S3 right around the corner. When my fiancé upgraded to an iphone 3gS, she rubbed it in my face that I "still had that same ole' first generation device".

    Anyway, I hear goooood things about the S3 and I will be happy if even half are true. 512 mb of memory? Sweeeeeeet (don't want a slide out keyboard tho).

    Anyway, here's to hoping we are all in a Storm 3 forum soon.....
    04-16-10 09:07 AM
  10. chasvs's Avatar

    Anyway, I hear goooood things about the S3 and I will be happy if even half are true. 512 mb of memory? Sweeeeeeet (don't want a slide out keyboard tho).
    So you hear goooood things about a phone that doesn't exist yet??? and that makes you wait and not buy the S2 which is a WONDERFUL device. With that attitude, you need to NEVER buy ANYTHING, because the NEXT ONE is going to be Sweeeeeet!

    It will be interesting to see if they bring an S3 later this year. I'm hoping for the iPhone on Verizon sooner than later. I absolutely LOVE the S2, but I use a Macbook Pro and iPad so full integration with an iPhone will be what I'm looking for in my next phone.
    04-16-10 09:18 AM