1. polar135's Avatar
    Quick question. Getting into the whole theme thing. I have like 5 total themes on my storm. Will this affect the running memory of my phone having the 5 themes store on my phone? (I realize I lose some running memory by using a theme but Iím cool with that) Also, the next time i upgrade to a beta os or official os, if i back up everything up will all the themes automatically back up also? Could be a newbie question, but so be it. Thanks!
    03-09-09 09:55 AM
  2. Squeegee's Avatar
    Keeping unused themes uses memory, taking up space more than actively using it. Its not recommended that you keep unused ones on the phone. Backing up files will save them. You can restore them after an OS upgrade without affecting the new OS

    Add Quickpull and logmaid too. They will help keep your Storm clean and efficient. Some don't think logmaid does much but it doesn't seem to hurt

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    03-09-09 10:22 AM
  3. polar135's Avatar
    Yes, i already use Quickpull and logmaid. Love Quickpull. I will delete the Themes i dont use any more. Thanks for the quick response.
    03-09-09 10:27 AM