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    Ok first I want to say that I have had the same Storm since the second day of the release. I knew buying a new phone could result in some issues but I didn't care and bought it anyway. The initial firmware was slow and had some bugs but I updated to .75 and now to .122 and my phone has been running great.

    Now my problems.....about a month ago I noticed that my screen started to feel weird when I clicked the bottom of it, I have read all the fixes for the click problem so I figured no big deal. In the last month I have noticed more and more that I have to press the screen two or three times for it to work...now I am getting nervous. I was thinking that it may be a software bug but I am not sure. I also will get a lock up once in a while when I am on Yahoo messenger and I put my phone in my BB pouch, it seems when it goes to sleep it locks everything up...again that may be a software issue. My biggest problem is the dust under the glass, I have read about it and never noticed a problem but lately there is so much that unless I am in a darker room it is very noticable. I am trying to decide if I should call Verizon and have the phone replaced (if they will even do that?) or try to fix it myself by taking the screen apart and cleaning it. I would hate to damage the phone but at the same time I don't want to have it replaced with a refurb that someone else had problems with.
    05-15-09 07:26 AM