06-05-09 06:23 AM
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    The only problem I have had with my 2 week old storm is the screen. It flops around inside the phone so loosely it drives me crazy.

    In the process of doing the torx screw screen click issue, I noticed that if you loosen them too much, the screen won't click anymore. Verizon already refused to replace my phone because the screen flopped around so much it seems like it would fall out of the phone if it fit, so I said screw it i'll make the screen work and take it back.

    They still refused to replace it, saying that since I didn't have insurance it would cost $50, EVEN THOUGH ITS LESS THAN THIRTY DAYS OLD.

    The stupid fool (a female, no sexism intended) also stated that the storms screen is not a common problem and she's never seen it before. BULLSH!T!. Anyone with a 2 year olds experience level on google can see that this is a COMMON PROBLEM.

    I spoke (argued, rather) with a supervisor for 30 minutes in the store. They refused to do anything unless I paid $50. They would not let me trade it back in for a Curve for $35, they said it didn't applied to BlackBerry's and that was corporate Verizon's decision and I would have to take it up with them.

    After speaking to 4 people in the store, I stormed out (no pun intended) and made to calling the evil V on the phone. After going up the ladder 3 times, I finally got someone who spoke english. Didn't get me anywhere, they still refused to replace it. How the f$ckstick are you going to sell a phone and less than 30 days later refuse to replace it?

    I understand I shouldn't have made the screen not click to try and get a replacement, but I have 3 friends with storms, one of the 6 months old and his doesn't flop around like a loose korean hooker like mine did when it was a few days old.

    I love the phone, running lyricidal's hybrid and some good software, it works well. Screen clicks well. This is my first BB, I come from the evil land of WinMo

    Anywho, I love the phone and have had no issues software wise with the phone, and I will have to deal with the sloppy screen because Verizon doesn't want to honor their own return policy and I don't feel like battling with them anymore.

    I took the phone apart, (i'm a mechanic, could do this with my eyes closed without damaging it) and siliconed around the screen to keep dust out and to keep it from flopping around. You can still move it with your fingers if you want too, but it sure isn't sloppy anymore. The phone types the same way as well, no noticeable difference.

    Thought I would share my story. I will be around.
    06-05-09 06:23 AM
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