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    So I bought a Storm recently upgrading from the LG Voyager and reason being is I wanted something newer and not the Voyager, So far I love my storm I like a lot of the features on it and functionality, full browser, email and all the works

    However I've gotten wind from my buddy over at VZW that 3 new blackberry phones are slated for VZW in the next few months, 1 being the new 8900 Curve in april which looks very simular to the storm without the touch screen with a grey trim which is shown in Kevins blog about it, The bold in may and the flip pearl later this year (which is the only one I have no interest in, I love the hard keys and I have never been a big fan of the touch screens until RIM came out with this Storm, I did like this touch screen after owning this one and based entirely on the clicking on the screen.

    My problem lies, should I just go back to my voyager and return the storm since its still within the 30 days and wait for the Curve or Bold to have the hard keys or should I just stick with this since it has very simular features and a nice display? Its a hard decision, Any thoughts/suggestions?


    So far the only things I dont like is the qwerty pad where sometimes I'm pressing other keys because of how big my fingers are but the word correction does help along the way with that so its a 50/50 on the love hate in that dept and the lack of apps so far for this device is another thing.....
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    Lifeshifter, this looks like it's one of those decisions to be made on your own, unfortunately. It all boils down to how much you like the Storm, and no one knows that but you. I will say that I am in the same boat, went from a Voyager to a Storm. The first day with the Storm, I HATED it. Now I couldn't go back to the Voyager if I wanted to; i'm too spoiled by the way the Storm is much less dependent on VZW things like "Get it Now" and having to do in-store firmware upates.
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    If you are having a hard time deciding between the BB devices, I would go back to the voyager. This way, you won't have to worry about going over your 30 days while you decide. This will give you the option to always return back to the storm or go to another BB device. But like the other user, after having a BB, I wouldn't feel right going back to a dumbphone. But remember that the decision is yours and whatever you choose, you have to live with the decision.

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    Yeah thats the problem for me, now that i've had a BB device, I dont think I could ever go back it seems like I do have a good passion for BB devices as my personal phone now, but I mean it wouldnt be that long of a wait I guess if I did do that and I would know some ins and outs of the BB storm if I went back to it and decided I didnt like the other newer BB devices, although that black new 8900 curve and the verizon version of the bold looks pretty nice in black epsecially with the top half looking like the storm.

    Only thing that made me buy the storm was because of the click on the screen but which its becoming slowly annoying with being innaccurate about half of the time and slowing me down a bit vs hard keys, I'll talk to my friend at the store and find out dates for these, if it seems worth it for a certain model then I might just temporarily go back to the voyager and get have a good choosing between BB's when the new ones come out for sure. It is my choice it just sucks its soo hard to choose lol
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    ***Update: I went to the AT&T Store yesterday to try out the bold and see what I thought about it and wow that is a pretty nice BB, I was very impressed, now im only wondering what the Bold will look like on Verizon with its apps and what not, but so far I think I like having the hard keys more than the SurePress touchscreen so far, I like the touch screen because of the surepress but hard keys will never fail me I dont think......so that makes my decision that much harder lol
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