View Poll Results: Developers are forced to charge $2.99 for their apps to be on a reliable source.

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  • I think $2.99 is not a big deal for every app.

    2 9.09%
  • If more apps were like the dollar menu I would buy a lot more.

    9 40.91%
  • I just think we need more free apps.

    8 36.36%
  • You need to just stop complaining about apps costing to much

    7 31.82%
Multiple Choice Poll.
05-19-09 02:36 PM
28 12
  1. mentalcase87's Avatar
    U know what the way you put that I feel you.
    Looking at it form that point of view; I agree.
    More people would rather pi$$ away 99cents
    than 4/5 dollars.
    I was trying to say though let us be greatful for them getting stuff
    out there for us.
    Lol as I said I don't have money to spend right now but I see those apps for 1 or 2 and suddenly I find myself having spent too much money =(
    I really wish this would be put back in 3rd party storm apps =( Where I could get the general app users feedback, I am not sure how but I want to figure this one out so devs can make more money and we can spend less. I plan on talking to devs about advertising on their websites if they aren't already. That’s a rather big cash crop if done right.

    **Also I don't want to get sidetracked from good trials, There is a thread at the moment about a new game that was created and a lot of people wanted to buy it but were not willing to shell out the cash, from what I read he has made a nice demo and it got a lot of attention from user's, to many devs just make demo's that are these limited 10 minute things or you can press a button like 10 times and it's over. This tends not to be enough time to really entice the mind and make someone want to buy it. 1 great demo I played was for bubble army! Yes it was the same level over and over but it got harder each time, it only made me want the game more and more.
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    05-13-09 03:42 PM
  2. TrendyProfessional1's Avatar
    U know I just thought it was a case of just being cheap and whiny. But realising where u are coming from. It is worth a try. Also if I poke fun I am not trying to be mean. U may see me calling names. But I will never or at least hope not try to insult anyones intelligence.
    Btw there are some good freebies out there as well.
    05-13-09 03:46 PM
  3. mentalcase87's Avatar
    Can anyone help me get this thread moved back into storm 3rd party apps. I really feel like if we could all discuss this we could come up with a way to bring more money into the dev's, and more cheaper apps to us.
    05-19-09 02:36 PM
28 12