11-21-08 07:40 PM
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  1. 04redgto's Avatar
    Rha said I'd have it tomorrow by noon!
    11-21-08 09:38 AM
  2. STROM's Avatar
    Anyone hear from Rha yet?
    I also have a saturday arrival and no tracking number, what the ****!

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    i called wed and ordererd via rha. was told i would recv a call when order was placed. at 8am this morning promptly as i was leaving to go get in line at my VZW store 5 mins away i get a call saying your order has been placed and you will recv your phone by noon saturday. so i ask for a tracking # and he says the phone will arrive before we see a tracking #. and the call ends. i call again aound 2 pm as VZW online will still allow me an upgrade and ask for status. was told the same about a track # by the same rep, then he says i will email you order confirmation, which he did and all looked well. called again at 630 spoke to a different rep who says you are NOT getting your phone tommorow there is no track # and you MIGHT have it by wed , i will transfer you to a supervisor<mind you i did not ask for one> sup puts me on hold after my speil and states distribution has not release my phone and RHa will be calling you back regarding the refund of 19.99 for overnight sat delivery. after 20 minutes of telling her how much vzw sucks and the drop the ball big time, and that i called the same dept on the DARE release and was able to have it BEFORE release day, i was told my order was actually entered AFTER 2pm when i spoke with rha the second time WTF. then after some more complaining i was told she would call me back with a resoloution offer.

    well she called back and offered me a MONTH of free BLACKBERY service. for a device i dont own. then offer a month of navigator.

    thanks vzw
    11-21-08 07:40 PM
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