1. Gawain's Avatar
    Yes, I did perform a search, but found no satisfactory answer in the hundreds of posts talking about all manner of sound problems, etc.

    I'm running v.132, and have been for several weeks without incident. However, the little idiosyncrasies with sound profiles has had bugs no matter what OS I've been running.

    Until yesterday, all alerts and sounds worked most of the time (occasionally, emails would arrive with the "gung-**" alert instead of the "lightspeed" alert which was set) in the "Normal" profile. PIN, SMS, MMS, Facebook, and BBM alerts were working as set.

    Yesterday, no alerts were working, except for the phone-ringer. Even my alarm clock didn't sound off.

    I did a battery pull, verified my alerts and everything works, except or email alerts. I created a custom profile, and again, everything worked, except the email alerts (I have three set up on the device).

    I changed the alert on one of the accounts, and got it to work, but what the h*ll, one of the other accounts still set to "lightspeed" still won't make a peep. There must be a solution to this challenge.

    Any ideas from the peanut gallery?
    05-20-09 07:40 AM
  2. derekflint's Avatar
    Take a look at any contacts that utilise the offending account and doublecheck if they have their own tone set.
    05-20-09 10:46 AM
  3. Gawain's Avatar
    It's not any single contact. It's all incoming emails, from whomever. Very strange...

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    05-20-09 01:22 PM