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    I fully expect this to be buried in the avalanche of similar posts, however, I managed to get the last storm available in northwest Washington state, and I really like it. I have pretty large fingers and hands, but I haven't been having much difficulty with either keyboard. I think perhaps the suretype is a little easier, since the buttons are a little larger, however, I have very little problem even with the full QWERTY. Also, I live in an area without very good 3G service (Anacortes,WA is out in the boonies a bit) and haven't had a serious problems downloading apps and such, although I've been pretty patient, since I have to wait for it to finish charging. Anyway, I really like it, so far.

    I definitely don't agree with many of the criticisms leveled against the phone in the reviews, particularly the less technical reviews (i.e. Time) I don't have any problems typing, and I think the lack of Wi-Fi is a minor problem at best, perhaps negligible. Particularly regarding the typing complaints some reviewers had, I think the clickable screen is a brilliant idea, and a good way to separate the selection from execution, the primary problem I've had with other touch screen devices I've tried. Compared to my Motorola Q I used to have, I think I can type just as quickly on this after only a few hours as I could on the Q, which had a pretty good hardware keyboard, I thought.
    11-21-08 04:45 PM